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12 February 2010 @ 09:07 pm
UnsraW - Germany, Cologne  
We arrived at the Club pretty late. Entry was at 7:30 pm and beginn at 8 pm, so we came around 2:30. There were only about twenty people there and we already feared that it would be totally empty... but by the time we could go in the club, there were around 200 people there. We managed to get a good spot in front of Yuuki in the third row and then the waiting began.
The Band started on time and as an Intro they used 'end of finale' and started directly into Reborn after that (exactly like in Utrecht). The Club was small and standing in front of Yuuki in the third row was pretty tight, but I could see them pretty good. Everyone wore their Reborn Outfits and Jin had his normal black suit on, Yuuki had less gunk in his face then in Utrecht. He just had some blood painted on and his teeth black. He also wore yellow contact lenses.
I'll write the rest of the report like I wrote the last one, because I can't remember EXACTLY what happend in chronological order. So I'll jus write what I remember.
Cologne had the best atmosphere, although Yuuki seemed a bit tired. He built his power up in the concert and didn't start right away with 100%. The rest of the band was really energetic and Jin acted almost as if he were part of the band.
When Yuuki started scratching his chest and arms, he had a bit of trouble pulling up his Jacket (xD). He also lost one button on his red shirt and seemed a bit sad, when he noticed that he couldn't close it anymore (the first three buttons had to stay open).
Shou is a sunnyboy. He was grinning and singing the entire time along and just behaved so incredibly cute.
As always, Yuuki spit water into the crowd as much as he could. But he also spit his snot/spit into the crowd, which was just plain gross. And I wasn't the only one who thought that, because when they came out for their Encore, Yuuki was spitting water and basically running from one side of the stage to the other, when Tetsu suddenly tapped his shoulder. When Yuuki turned around to him, Tetsu spit water right into his face, which was just plain hysterical. Yuukis Expression at that moment was all like: Wtf?! And Tetsu was laughing his ass off. The whole crowd cheered and applauded and Yuuki finally got a taste of his own medicine. Although I have to mention, that he took his revenge on Tetsu later on and kept spitting water into his face during 'Warai Oni'.
They almost all stage dove in Cologne. Yuuki, Tetsu and Jin did during Warai Oni, which was really cool, because they also all changed their instruments. At first they played the song normally, but then Yuuki went over to Tetsu and took his Guitar, so that Tetsu could stage dive, which he didn't want to do at first, but Yuuki basically forced him. After that Tetsu basically didn't do anything else... and after playing guitar for a while, Yuuki went to Shou and changed with him, so that Shou was forced to play guitar... and to be honest, he didn't look very happy or very talented with the guitar (xD). Yuuki looked like a little boy on the drums, grinning and banging away. Tetsu stage dove his little ass off, Shou tried to hide, Jin just laughed and teased the crowd and Rai kept playing normally.
Although I mentioned in my first report that Rai seemed happy, I've changed my mind. He seemed very shy and quiet as opposed to Tetsu and even Jin. Although he always seemd very happy when he was noticed or called.
They reaaaaly powered up during Warai Oni and seemed insanely happy and rilled up. Especially Tetsu, who didn't take his guitar up until the very end. I think the only reason they all took up their original positions, was because Shou seemed to want to go back to his Drums really badly.
I accidently groped Yuukis groin while he was stage diving...
Yuuki spit directly at people. He looked at them before spitting away, I'm sure of it.

The Signing Session was one f*cking mess. A guy in front of me wanted them to sign an Awoi Picture, until a friend of mine told him that wasn't UnsraW and he just ran away all pissy. Yuuki seemed a bit overwhelmed and also tried to tell the guy that wasn't UnsraW, but his english isn't all that good. Other than that, they signed all the stuff, said 'thank you' and smiled. They were still in their styling and we managed to get an autograph of Jin on a picture that we printed out. He was the support bassist of black:list and we still had some concert pictures of him. When he noticed them, he was really suprised, but happy and asked us if they were from black:list, to which we said yes.
We stayed until they left and called to them, that we would see them in hamburg, to which Shou waved to us.
Lauryvk: Yuukilauryvk on February 12th, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
Thnk u so much for this one *.* ahahaha a lil but of his own medicine XDDD anyway was good ahahaha because revenge is good XDDD OMG I so envy you... nipple piercings *¬* ahahaha OMG yeees Jin is great *-* ahahaha thnk u anyway *goes to read the others* XDDDD
Gax: Yuuki (UnsraW) - From red to blue.gaxnela on February 13th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Cologne: Techan strikes back

WAit, he had piercings on both nipples? oh lol~

what's with the guy with the Awoi picture? Fail.
myaku_diru: Yuukimyaku_diru on February 13th, 2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
It was so f*cking cute how happy Tetsu was, when he spit that water into Yuukis face. And Yuukis Expression was just like: Wtf?! xDDDDD They were all so cute.

THe guy with te Awoi pic was the fail of the year.. seriously. Yuuki just stared at him totally confused, which I can understand. Otogi and YUuki look nothing alike >.<

And no, that was a mistake. He only had one piercing in his left nipple ^^
xxpiripirixxxxpiripirixx on July 16th, 2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
aww im so jealous! i would have loved to watch them switch instruments (for some reason i really like it when they can play more than one). thanks for the report though! hope i will get to see them this year (if they come to london, i can't afford to fly to germany TAT)