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05 February 2010 @ 10:25 pm
UnsraW Live Report (Netherlands)  
Right. First Concert for me was also the first Europe Concert for the Band!
Utrecht, Netherlands.

I’ve been to the Hall a couple of times, so I knew what to expect. It’s rather big and the Stage is very wide, which is perfect because the crowd spreads out a bit and you can stand in the front rows rather easily. And of course, having read most live reports, I really wanted to stand in front of Yuuki and experience firsthand what the Band was like.
We arrived at the venue around 1:30 in the afternoon and about 10 Minutes after the Band had arrived, which was a tad bit annoying, as we couldn’t see them go into the hall off mode and maybe talk to them.
At least, that’s what we thought.
We stood in front of the Hall for about five seconds, when my sister suddenly went all rigid and pointed out to me that about five meters away, Yuuki had just come out and was photographing the Tivoli sign outside the venue. We just kind of stared, until he turned to us and then we all waved at once. Yuuki just grinned and raised both arms, before he waved back and went inside the Hall again.
It was a very short and very fangirly moment …
After that, nothing interesting happened. We waited until the doors opened at about 18:30 and managed to get places in the first and second row right in front of Yuuki and a bit over to Rais Side. Since we knew there was going to be a Signing Session after the concert, we decided to get merchandise later, after the concert.
The Concert began around 19:30 and they used the Intro ‘End of Final’. First Shou came out, then Rai, then Jin, then Tetsu and last but not least, Yuuki. They we’re all in their Reborn Outfits, except for Jin who basically just wore a black Suit and had a few red streaks in his hair. I was totally amazed, because they all looked so good and just had this amazing energy around them.

The first Song they played was ‘Reborn’ and I was surprised that Yuuki sounded so good live. He powered up right from the start and really got the crowd pumped, even though a large part of the audience didn’t seem to know UnsraW that well.
The Problem with the live Report at this point is, that I don’t remember EXACTLY what they did at each song, so I’ll just kind of summarize.

Yuuki was spitting water right from the beginning and jumped into the crowd at least 6-8 times. I had the man’s ass, legs and arms all over me when he was trying to get back on the stage. At one point, the crowd couldn’t hold him and he landed on the floor. When he tried to get back to the stage, they actually held onto him, so that Jin and one guy from the Staff had to come and pull him back out. That didn’t really bother him all that much and a couple of songs later he was stage diving again.

Rai and Shou seemed insanely happy during the whole concert. They were both smiling and laughing and talking with the other Members all the time. Shou even did some stage diving right before the encore. Rai seemed especially happy when he was communicating with the fans. The couple of times Tetsu came over, he was watching him the entire time and smiling.

Yuukis MCs were… funny. He basically said three things in English:
“ Show me your boobs.”
“ You are my first.”
“ Show me your fucking face.”
And he said that over and over again… it was very entertaining.

Jin did some stage diving too. Yuuki kicked away the boxes that were separating us from the stage at one point and basically just pulled Jin over and seemed to command him into stage diving, which he did. The man is so light and slim, that he had no chance to get back on the stage, until Yuuki pulled him back. Jin then just kind was kind of lying on the stage next to Yuuki and let the fans touch him. Yuuki himself seemed very amused by all this and just kind of watched him. He even sat down at one point and looked at the audience, while Tetsu, Rai and Jin were all over the stage. This all happened during ‘Warai Oni’.

They played three rather slow songs.
Sakura no Namida
Gate of Death
~tsuioku no kanata~
During all three Yuuki was extremely emotional and seemed to solely concentrate on singing. I thought his voice was extremely beautiful and very… powerful. He’s a really good front man who can convey his emotions to the audience almost one to one.

Other than that, Tetsu didn’t want to be touched all that much, Yuuki didn’t like getting groped in his crotch, Shou sang along to almost every song, Yuukis pants sort of… ripped a bit between his legs and they basically threw everything they had into the audience at the end.

All in all, the concert was very good and just exceeded my expectations in almost all points. And it wasn’t really over, since there was still the signing session, which started about half an hour after the concert. I managed to get some Merchandise beforehand (a T-shirt, a Poster and two Checkies), so I could get right into the Line and wait for my turn.

The order in which they sat was Yuuki, Shou, Rai, Tetsu and then Jin. They were all still in their stage outfits, but looked pretty okay. When it was my turn, I stood in front of Yuuki and gave him my poster. When he signed it, I said ‘arigatou’ which seemed to amuse him to no end, since he said ‘thank you’ to me… but that wasn’t all that amused him.
I wasn’t wearing my UnsraW Shirt at that time, but still my Ayabie Shirt (which wasn’t a coincident xD) and he seemed to recognize it, since he pointed to me and grinned, before leaning to Shou and saying something to him, at which point he also looked at me and smiled. Then Yuuki said ‘ayabie!’ to me… I was a bit perplex and just smiled back and nodded. After that I got my poster signed by all five Members (including Jin, because it didn’t seem right to ignore him and he had really grown on me during the concert) and just basically went behind the barrier and watched them a while.
A good friend of mine was standing there with me and she called Tetsus Name at one point, to which he looked up and grinned, before showing us the devil horns and acting really cool… which was ruined a bit when Shou hit him and forced him to keep signing (I laughed really hard at this xD).
The signing session passed without any incident after this and when the guys were leaving, we waved at them and called, that we would see them Monday. Tetsu did the Nyappy Sign at this and kissed it (he’s a real bad boy…), Shou smiled at us and Yuuki blew us a kiss (but only after my friend had done the same). Then they disappeared and we packed our stuff and left.

We waited at their bus for a while after that and when Yuuki came out, he waved at us again and called ‘bye bye’. Jin also waved at us, but the rest just passed.

That was basically it. We behaved like mad fan girls (although we never touched them or came to close) and the band seemed to enjoy it (especially Tetsu and Yuuki).

The rest of the reports will follow up... and I will make some pictures (promise!). Until then, you can just look at Yuukis Livedoor (the man manage to take some more pictures of himself than I did xD).

Below is the picture Yuuki took of the Tivoli sign, while we were standing next to him and staring at him like a group of idiots...

Edit: Excuse my english (I'm german) and if anyone reads this and remebers more or experienced something diffrently, feel free to write me!

EDIT EDIT: I forgot to mention that the dutch fans gave UnsraW one piece of underwear as a sort of 'present' and that Yuuki pulled it over his head during the concert... and then masturbated with his mike... it was strange.
daevas32daevas32 on February 7th, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I did this morning. I was somewhat disappointed...
On the one hand, they seemed to have enjoyed the live in holland as they were stagediving more than once and stuff. But on the other hand, after the live they seemed rather unamused and really tired!
Ah well, I'm cool with it since I had the time of my live!! Yay for me!!!